Thomas Maxam Studio

We are Thomas Cohen & Maxam Whiteley our aim for our design studio is to produce collections of engaging products. Exploring our appreciation for honest furniture, the Australian way of life and the value of an object’s influence on daily life. Believing a successful product is one that becomes a permanent fixture of the home.

We are emerging designers with the mentoring and experience working for some of Australia’s leading designers and premium brands. Both studied industrial design, enjoying simple and unique designs and have found a passion in products for the home. Our designs have come from exploring a new material and challenging ourselves to design and make a resolved product.

THOMAS MAXAM designs have been exhibited at Vivid design awards and received 2019 best object design for Candelabra 0001 as well as receiving the 2020 IDEA award for object design (Rising). Other exhibitions we have been displayed in are: Friend and Associates
– Annual General Meeting, DEN fair Front and Centre, Work shopped, Fringe Furniture, Made Rupert, Alt.Material, HomeMade, AFA emerging design and The Design Institute of Australia GOTYA Awards.