O . RI . GI . NE.
From latin origo, feminine noun, means the beginning, source, birth of life. Initial moment or first manifestation, a point where something begins. Cause, reason. ________________________________________________________________________________

In celebrating the convergence of unconventional ideology and master craftsmanship ORIGINE interprets contemporary culture through the curation of a timeless collection, across limited and open editions that hail from throughout Italy, The Netherlands, Colombia and also Paris, Lisbon and New Delhi.

ORIGINE partners with 17 brands and studios who take simple but concrete steps to be honest companies. Partners include: Ames, Collector, Derek Castiglioni, Exto, Forma&Cemento, Fratelli Levaggi, Kooij, La Manufacture, Laurids Gallée, Lombrello, Nicolò Spinelli, Nodus, Paul Matter, Pedretti Home, Pietro Franceschini, Pretziada, Tooy.

Founders, Alice Rossi and Joel Donaldson curate the collection with an eye on materiality and narrative. With a philosophy of fusing furniture to daily ritual their curatorial approach is driven by strong everyday objects that introduce an element of craft to our lives and that reference cultural anthropology.